2022 / Apr

APLEX IoT Solution Website is now ONLINE!

APLEX has launched our IoT solution website to share more IoT solutions we have provided. We have solutions and successful cases for smart city, smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, energy monitoring and so on. Here are some examples

Bridge Safety Monitoring System with IoT Solution

A little gateway may help prevent huge damage. APLEX provides bridge safety monitoring solution to inspect the bridge condition and can prevent spending huge expanse on bridge maintenance. As time goes by, bridge get older and older, and the maintenance fee will also get higher and higher. Thus, through the help of our IIoT gateway, the data will be transmit in real-time for fatigue analysis, life-cycle assessment, aging analysis and damage analysis.

Facial Recognition Gate Solution

As AI technology is boosting in global, APLEX offers based AI machine vision box PC to increase the safety of the places or buildings by facial recognition. Through its high computing ability, real-time data analysis and transmission, it can identify the image immediately. Moreover, it not only can manage facial recognition but also IC identification and ID identification to provide a high accuracy and safety environment.

Nowadays, IoT is the trend in many industries and it is growing year on year. Therefore, we provide diverse of application solutions and ODM service for customers! To learn more about our IoT solutions, go check out our new website:

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