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AVS-300 Series, Compact Box PC for Machine Vision Application

Taipei, Taiwan-March, 2021APLEX Technology Inc., a global Industrial Computer leader, presents our AVS-300 Series. To be a part of IIoT field and advance your factory into a smart factory, machine vision is an essential section of automating production procedure. It can help increase the accuracy of manufacture, and decrease the cost that caused by defectives waste. With AI’s help, machine vision performs sorting, quality control, inspection, etc., in a high-speed situation to optimize production efficiency.

Features of AVS-300 series
APLEX AVS series are perfectly designed for the support of machine vision application. AVS-300 series are powered by Intel Celeron J1900 for entry-level and edge computing. To be able to suit in wide range of use case applications, it is designed as a compact and fanless space-saving box PC, which comes in wide input voltage range and flexible expansion capability to install more peripherals. Besides, AVS-311 and AVS-313 additionally provide lighting control to inspect flaws on products with high quality images. AVS-300 series can reach AIOT with meeting most of the application demands in smart industry, such as machine vision, AOI, measurement, object positioning, inspection and fault detection.

Access to bring your business into Industry 4.0
AVS series can replace human quality control with machine vision by performing more accurately than human eye. It can not only reduce the time of inspection but also the labor cost. In order to increase customers’ satisfaction, it also features improving production efficiency and provide high-quality products through machine vision. As the industry is growing faster and faster, to maintain the competence of enterprise with upgrading production lines is only a matter of time. AVS-300 series, which are able to engage in wide range of machine vision applications, are perfect box PCs for the first step of bring your business into Industry 4.0.

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