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Industrial Panel PC


Warehouse Environment is complex and tough, combining with the wide temperature range, high turnovers, and a multitude of inventory. From receiving inventory, asset management and tracking, order selection to shipping and delivering, it requires high safety, low errors, quality assurance and high efficiency.

APLEX In-Vehicle Panel PC is creatively designed for managing and automating the process of warehouse management and it integrates web connectivity for applications in vehicle management.
According to your requirement, you can evaluate the necessities and easily do the OS decision-making according to your needs of the software.

Rugged and Fanless Design

In the collisional environment, all series is rugged and fanless designed for easily keeping equipment maintenance. Strongly enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and stability.
APC-3072 has the attractive front bezel designed and the surface adopts Aluminum which is lightweight, high strength and anti-corrosion.
APC-3082 has the special enclosure made by engineering plastic which is also lightweight and suits rugged conditions.

Touch Screen Monitor

APLEX in-vehicle panel PC series provides 5 wire resistive touch with 7H anti-scratch and over 80% of light transfer rate for improving the
quality and clarity of display. Also, we offer a multi-touch screen for option.

Wireless Communication

All series supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G/LTE network function for immediately tracking and managing the assets, as well as update 24/7 real-time location status and route information to the control center.

Front-Function Keypad

APC-30X2 series is equipped with the functional keypad such as power on/off button for conveniently operating.
APC-3082 includes the volume up/down, lighten up/down, and APC-3072 provides F1~F6 programmable button.

Operation System Support / Certification

According to the different operation system, this series is divided into two platforms.
X86-based APC-30X2 series supports windows embedded 7/8.1 and windows 10 IoT.
All in-vehicle Panel PC series passes FCC Class A/MIL810G/IEC60068-2-27 certification.