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Rugged Control HMI

Its fanless design offers 24/7 reliability, from low power Intel® Celeron to the 8th Core i3/i5 CPU.The projected capacitive touch screen with pure flat, multi-touch support, anti-scratching, Wi-Fi, Dual LAN, Serial and USB functionality.

Specs & Details

• Available from 7” to 32”
• CPU: Built-in Celeron® N2930, Pentium® N4200, Celeron® N3350,
• 6th/7th/8th Gen. CoreTM i3/i5 Available
• RAM: Onboard 4GB DDR3(up to 8 GB) / DDR4(up to 32 GB) RAM
• Touch: Resistive & Capacitive Touch Optional
• High Brightness and Wide Temperature Optional
• Front IP66 Certified
• Flat Bezel Design
• Supports Smart Battery Backup
• Optional Expansion I/O Board : TB-528

Flat Front Panel Design
with IP66 Standard
Aluminum Die-Casting
Chassis Fanless Design
Easily Accessible Storage
Wide Range DC 9~36V
Power Input

Sunlight Readable HMI

ARCHMI-8 Series & ARCHMI-9 Series: Ideal for High Ambient Light Applications

Optional Power over Ethernet Module

Single Cable for Data and Power Transmission

The Benefit of PoE

ARCHMI Series with Smart Battery

Work as UPS to Save Your Data

An optional smart battery is available to APLEX’s ARCHMI-8, 8A, 9, 9A, 9B series, which provides up to 30 minutes of emergency backup power source for unexpected power interruption.

*Note: The backup time would varies on different models or operating temperature


Optional Expansion I/O Boards : TB-528 Series

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