Stable Transportation Management Solution

Transportation is inseparable and essential to our daily basis. It connects the world and creates opportunities for many people. Behind the scene is a vast, diverse, and complex design landscape that provides reliable and long term performance. With gradually improved technology, transportation market starts to implement intelligent solutions into the system in order to stabilize the railway operation. In order to make the operation more efficient, there are several conditions that need to be achieved.

Transportation Technology Advancement

Transportation market’s demands come with many difficult challenges. It often deals with extreme conditions such as rain, snow, even heat. These conditions are usually unpredictable that the system itself needs to be reliable to withstand different weather variances. It is a non-stop operation with little to no down time because it tightly relates to people, even businesses, productivity. It needs to ensure stable operations. The heavy processing loads also rely heavily on a powerful system that can handle the amount of data. Therefore, the demands for an intelligent transportation system are tremendous.

Railway Application Requirements

In order to satisfy the demands of transportation market, there are a few requirements to reach. It needs to be able to withstand and adapt many physical conditions such as vibration, shock, humidity and temperature variance. The system also requires excellent connectivity and rich expansion options to cover various railway application tasks.

APLEX Solution

APLEX introduces the railway box PC ACS-2563. ACS-2563 is powered by Intel Atom D2550 processor. It passed the EN-50155 certification and is eligible to operate on railway. It features anti-shock and anti-vibration design that can withstand any sort of impact and vibration. The box PC has wide range of temperature design to operate in various extreme environmental conditions, which is suitable for rolling stock system. It has CFast and mini PCIe expansion slot support. It has dual display capability with VGA and DVI ports to display different information simultaneously. The rich I/O ports and excellent connectivity allow operations for different railway application tasks from vehicle control to surveillance system. ACS-2563 box PC is able to provide transportation solution to help ease the complexity of railway applications and improve operation efficiency.