Dependable Warehousing Management Solution

Warehouse keeps evolving in order to keep up with the heavy management tasks. Warehouse management complexity consists of multitude of inventory and wide range of temperature in set environment. It is a tough industrial application because it requires a lot of careful planning for logistics in order to satisfy requirements of high safety standards, low errors, quality assurance and high efficiency.

Challenges of Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management is challenging because the environment is difficult to work with as tasks from receiving inventory, asset management/tracking, order selection to shipping and delivering require high safety standard, low errors, quality assurance and high efficiency. There are many factors and requirements to consider before implementing smart automation solution into the warehouse management system.

Requirements to Implement Smart Warehousing Solution

Vehicles are one of the important elements in warehousing logistics. In order to successfully manage the vehicles, the management system requires:
- high stability, reliability, and efficiency
- easy maintenance - excellent connectivity
- adaptable to outdoor environment
- durable to collision

APLEX Solution

APLEX introduces in-vehicle industrial panel PC solution. APLEX presents the aluminum front bezel design panel PC APC-3072/3073 and rugged plastic housing APC-3082/3083. They are powered by Intel Atom E3845 to Freescale ARM Cortex A9 i.MX6 Dual Lite processors. Both come with IP66 full waterproof protection and M12 connectors to provide great waterproof and dustproof protection from outdoor environments. Sunlight readable solution offers visibility in outdoor environment. The rugged fanless design with great heat dissipation provides easy maintenance and simultaneously increases reliability, efficiency, and stability by engineering plastic enclosure which are both lightweight and able to withstand impact. ACC control with ignition on/off delay design helps to prevent from system crash due to sudden computer shut down. The wireless communication module (Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPS/4G LTE) offers great connectivity to give immediate tracking and real-time location status update to control center. Both are equipped with functional keypad that contains power on/off button, volume, lighting control, and F1~F6 programmable buttons. Multiple mounting options (VESA/YOKE) are available to install in different kinds of vehicle. This series is able to effectively and safely control warehouse vehicle and able to implement industry 4.0 solutions into warehouse.