Oil and Gas

Reliable and Safe Explosion-proof Solution

Oil and gas industry is still the center of the world’s energy supply. The processes of exploring, drilling, production to processing fossil fuel require extreme caution. These applications are one of the most dangerous works in the world as it is a huge responsibility and risks. Disasters could easily happen if not careful on sites. The presence of industry 4.0 solutions could greatly benefit the oil and gas industry with managing these dangerous applications in hazardous environments.

Industry 4.0 and Hazardous Locations

In order to emerge industry 4.0 solutions in the hazardous and dangerous nature of oil and gas industry, public safety is the top concern. Explosion could potentially happen even with a little electric sparks or high temperature. Devices and equipment on production sites must meet safety standards and explosion-proof certifications in order to prevent from any possible explosive risks. It also requires dependable explosion-proof solutions to overcome the extreme environmental condition and to ensure public safety.

Explosion-proof Solutions

A complete explosion-proof solution not only needs to pass explosion-proof certifications to ensure public safety, but it also needs to be able to operate under extreme temperature. The system will have to be able to handle many different industrial application tasks such as equipment real-time controlling, asset monitoring, communication and data collection. It needs to have rugged and reliable design to provide dust-proof and anti-corrosion protection given the amount of dust, particles or corrosive materials that can be generated in the set environment.

APLEX Solution

APLEX presents explosion-proof stainless steel panel PC - AEx series. AEx series passed ATEX, IECEx and C1D2 explosion-proof certifications. It is powered by Intel core 6th Gen Core and Celeron N2930 processors. It has display size from 15”/15.6”/19”/21.5” available. It features SUS316 stainless steel full flat bezel that has anti-corrosion ability and can operate under the condition with the exposure of gas and other explosive materials. The rugged and wide temperature design is capable of operating under harsh environments. It possesses IP66 rated waterproof/dustproof protection with M12 connectors to prevent intrusion. It supports projected capacitive touch screen. AEx also has multiple mounting options for flexible installation options. Sunlight readable solution is available for option to provide users visibility. The modular design is able to perform various applications mentioned above and makes maintenance easier.