Rugged, Compact and Durable Box PC for Kiosk

Most of the people do not recognize kiosk’s existence as it has already become a part of our busy life. Kiosk is almost everywhere ranging from retail, banking, ticket sale, transportation and airport etc. It has become an important piece of the smart city landscape. The amazing flexibility and scalability benefits many industries and quietly emerges into the society.

Kiosk and Smart City Emergence

Kiosk applications seem simple, but there are a several challenges to achieve. It needs to maintain long product life as some of the applications are 24/7 service. Little downtime is almost not allowed such as transportation services. It needs to be compatible to various operating systems as different industries such as retail, bicycle rental, or any public services etc. use different operating system. Lastly, it needs to be flexible and scalable to provide all kinds of applications to perform simple tasks such as ticket transaction for people.

General Requirements of Kiosk

The PC for kiosk would need to fulfill a few requirements. It needs to be flexible enough to perform various tasks. Its size needs to be compact in order to fit into the kiosk case. It will also need to be able to withstand the heat generated in the confined kiosk case.

APLEX Solution

APLEX presents TiTAN series ACS-2310/2311 and open frame panel PC OPC series. ACS-2310/2311 is powered by Intel Celeron N2930. Its slim and compact size with fanless design is able to fit into kiosk case and tolerate the heat generated in the space. It features rich I/O interfaces with outstanding connectivity for various kiosk applications. It also has optional wide range temperature design to be able to operate under different industrial environments. OPC series is open frame industrial panel PC. OPC is powered by Intel Celeron N2930. It features flat front bezel design and sizes ranging from 12”/15”/15.6” that is adjustable to install onto various kiosk cases. It comes with multiple touch screen options with PCT/RT and supports 7H anti-scratch option. It features IP65 waterproof protection to ensure its functionality under humid environments.