Food and Beverage Automation

Food and Beverage Solution to Maintaining Hygiene and Productivity

Consumer’s awareness of food quality and safety has grown over the course of year. Manufacturers need to ensure food safety and quality by maintaining high level of hygienic standard environment while keeping up the productivity. Many of the food and beverage manufacturers are looking into smart factory automation solution to conform into Industry 4.0 era.

Food and beverage industry and automation

Food and beverage industry manufacturers are continually seeking to implement smart industry solution to maximize their profit by enhancing food quality and lowering production cost. However, the most important aspect of smart factory solution for food and beverage industry is its highly regulated industrial environment that needs to maintain excellent hygienic condition to ensure food safety, quality and productivity. A complete food safety standard solution is needed to satisfy the requirements as it needs to be capable of providing powerful performance while maintaining excellent hygienic environments.

Food safety standard automation solution

Automation solution for food and beverage industry must achieve a few requirements: outstanding performance to increase productivity and to keep production stable and reliable, ability to operate under a wide range of temperature in different harsh environments, and great cleanability for easy equipment sanitation and maintenance to prevent products from contamination. These basic requirements need to be fulfilled in order to be configured in food and beverage manufactures. Therefore, APLEX’s ViTAM series and FABS series are able to overcome these challenges.

APLEX Solution

APLEX presents stainless steel panel PC solution – ViTAM series. ViTAM is powered by Intel Celeron, Core platforms and ARM based Freescale i.MX processor. It features communication modules (3G/4G LTE/Wi-Fi/BT/GPS/RFID/NFC/PoE) to enable IIoT. Its rugged design features anti-corrosive/anti-bacterial SUS304 (SUS316 for option) stainless steel enclosure. It is equipped with IP66/IP69K waterproof solution that can withstand high pressured/high temperature water jet for intensive cleaning session, making it easy to clean and maintain. It has mounting options offers installation versatility. Its fanless design offers great heat dissipation that can operate under a wide range of temperature in various extreme environments. If you want complete food safety assurance, look no further than our food safety standard HMI solution – FABS series. FABS series passed international food safety certification EN 1672-2. It is powered by Intel Celeron N2930 to 6th/7th Gen. Core processors. Its rugged and optimized frame design allows liquid or stain to slip off directly to avoid bacteria accumulation. It features SUS304 stainless steel enclosure and IP66/IP69K waterproof protection to be easy to clean and maintain. FABS series offers excellent expansibility with I/O board TB-528 series to support different industrial applications along with communication modules for IIoT connections.