Implementing Digitization Solution into Healthcare

Health care faces far more challenges than ever from labor and resource shortage. Medical equipment requires medical grade standard to be operated in health related facilities such as hospitals. Many facilities start to implement digitization in order to enhance medical care efficiency to save time and costs, reduce burden on personnel and labor shortage, and lower risks of medical accidents. These will help tremendously in workplaces such as intensive care units (ICU) and emergency rooms (ER).

Digitization of Healthcare

The digitization aspect will focus on the visualization chain from image acquisition, analysis, and processing to data exchange and image display. The medical solution will also need to be able to distribute workload from personnel as human labor shortage often becomes the issues and many would have to work overtime.

Strict Requirements for Healthcare

A medical system will have to achieve a few things to be deployed at healthcare related environments:
- Anti-bacterial, quick to clean and disinfect to prevent from bacterial infection.
- It needs to be mobile for easy configuration for doctors to view the vital information.
- Excellent screen visibility for different medical environments.
- Long product life and able to operate 24/7
- Various I/O interfaces and connectivity options

APLEX Solution

APLEX offers stainless steel panel PC solution, ViTAM series, for the health care application. Our ViTAM series features rugged design with anti-bacterial stainless steel front bezel with IP66/IP69K full waterproof protection and M12 connector for deeper level of cleaning. It has wide range temperature design to operate in environments such as the operating room. It has multiple mounting options to be easily movable for easy and convenient deployment. The panel PC provides various I/O interfaces and expansion options for various medical/healthcare applications such as displaying patient’s real-time health status or access patient’s medical data history. It also comes with excellent communication options. Our stainless steel panel PC solution ViTAM series will offer assistance to healthcare/medical field in purpose of saving life.