Company Profile

APLEX Technology Inc. was founded in 2004 and has successfully registered at Over-The -Counter in Taiwan in 2017 (TPEX:6570). We are committed to developing and manufacturing industrial PC. The company has aggressively dived into products developments to stay ahead of the competitors in terms of design and master the pulse and trends of the entire industry.

Based on system hardware platforms, APLEX offers a variety of competitive solutions for system integration clients or applications including embedded computer platforms, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), industrial displays, and other related products. Standardized products, customized products or OEM/ODM project services are all available to meet customers' specific needs. We cover applications from transportation, power, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, communications, medicine, factory automation etc.APLEX pursues excellence by breakthroughs and innovations to realize sustainable operation and continually satisfy the customers.

In 2013 Nov, APLEX also founded a Branch Company in California, USA to provide efficient service, high quality products and solution.Since founding, the company has arrested customers' attention with its unique designs, excellent quality assurance.We are diving deep in the industrial automation field and expect ourselves to be the leading expert amongst the industry.

By steadily and progressively building up experience, we hope to earn customers' trust with the highest quality, credibility and complete service. Let's go hand in hand to create win-win situations!



Product Strategy

Aplex's main products include HMI Controllers, Industrial Panel PC, Engine Box PC, Industrial Display Monitors, etc. They apply to equipment automation, factory management, monitoring systems, and even automation in daily life. They cover logistic management systems, intelligent transportation management systems, building automation and monitoring systems, kiosk systems, etc. From common factory production to commercial automation, transportation, medicine, and so on, Aplex can provide related hardware platforms and complete service and solutions to meet customers' needs in different industries and applications.

Our product strategies are given below

APLEX position products based on system hardware platforms. We provide HMI hardware architectures, CPU level and various display sizes, flexible and diverse design with small quantity customization service to satisfy different industrial environments and application needs.
Industrial PC's diverse design with small quantity characteristic provides flexible customization service with options of basic software and various hardware including CPU level, LCD size and other optional spec to meet customers' application requirements.


Quality Assurance

APLEX, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial PCs filed, we obtained ISO 9001 quality assurance in January 2007. We actively support environmental friendly products by working with suppliers and customers. To implement effective quality system, a series of strict tests such as EMI test, vibration test and temperature test will be made throughout the design process. APLEX recognizes the European legislation on environmental issues. After the establishment of new directives on January 27, 2003, known as RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances), many of our customers in the various businesses are affected. This is currently dealt with through a comprehensive plan which is being implemented to comply with the RoHS directive within the allotted timeframe. Our intentions are to be fully compliant on the date established by the EU.

APLEX provides the RoHS compliant products, and keep close cooperation with the suppliers to guarantee the products accord with the European legislation on environmental issues. Therefore, this process will be done in full coordination with our partners and we will update them accordingly.

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction
Innovation & Creation
Pursue Excellence
Sustainable Business

Environmental Policy

Product design and manufacturing procedure are complying with regulations.
Products “Go Green” through dedicated research and development.
Product design and manufacturing are carefully controlled to prevent environment pollution.
APLEX talents are eco-friendly and proactive to participant and keep improving in environmental issues.