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IP69K Solution Maintains Industrial Environment Hygiene

Taipei, Taiwan-May, 2020APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer products solutions provider, introduces IP69K waterproof/dustproof solution. Environmental hygiene is especially important for manufacturers such as food/beverage or biotech industries because they are often highly regulated and have different hygienic requirements. These industries often need regular cleaning to maintain environment hygiene. IP69K solution will benefit your factory by allowing deeper level of cleaning as it is crucial to the industries mentioned above.
What is IP69K
IP69K is the highest level of protection from IP rating (international protection rating/ ingress protection rating), which is published by IEC. This certification is a standard for degree of sealing effectiveness against intrusion of water, solid objects and accidental dirt contact. It consists of 2 digits, representing as solid/water protection scale. IP69K not only provides basic dust ingress protection, but it is able to withstand high pressured/high temperature (100 bars at 80°C) water jet spraying from the device at angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° during sanitation. Products that are equipped with this rating are ideal to use in environments where equipment must be carefully sanitized.

Greatly Benefits the Industries

IP69K solution allows thorough cleaning and maintenance because it helps maintaining the hygiene standard and cleanability it offers. APLEX’s stainless steel panel PC, ViTAM series, and food safety grade HMI, FABS series, are widely used for industries such as chemical manufacture and pharmaceutical, which are suitable for environment hygiene maintenance. ViTAM series is equipped with IP66/IP69K waterproof and features SUS304 grade anti-bacterial/anti-corrosion stainless steel enclosure. It also features rich I/O expansions for different industrial applications. It can operate under wide range of temperature in various industrial environments.
FABS series specializes in food and beverage industry with food safety certification EN 1672-2. It features stainless steel front bezel with optimized frame design that allows liquids and stains to quickly slip off with the purpose of preventing stain accumulation. It also has full IP66/IP69K waterproof. Users are able to clean the equipment easily with high pressured/high temperature water jets along with chemical detergent. FABS series provides TB-528 series expansion options for various industrial applications. They are tailored for highly regulated industrial environments with great durability and resistance.

IP69K waterproof solution is significantly helpful for industries that have strict hygienic requirements. APLEX is able to offer you reliable and durable products with the highest protection available to further enhance the productivity and hygienic standard, giving you the competitive advantage.

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ViTAM series key features

  • Celeron N2930, 4th/6th/7th Gen. Core i, Freescale iMX6 and display
  • 10.1”/12.1”/15”/15.6”/17”/19”/21.5”/ 23.8”TFT-LCD 
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Enclosure (SUS316 for Option)
  • Touch on/off buttons on the side edge for hygienic cleaning
  • RFID built-in for option

FABS series key features

  • Celeron N2930, 6th/7th Gen. Core i, and display
  • 7”/10.1”/12.1”/15”/15.6”/17”/19”/21.5” TFT-LCD 
  • Food safety certification EN 1672-2
  • TB-528 series expansion support
  • Stainless steel front bezel with optimized frame design

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